Are you brave enough to fill your bag to the brim with candies?

Sir Lickee traveled to many a distant land to bring back the most delectable treats to our candy store. Braving harsh conditions and fighting perilous beasts, he survived this quest with great honor. To commence his victory, we've created the Noble Code of Candies for our bravest of guests. To receive your rank in the "Candihood," you must abide by these codes:

  • To fear no lollipop no matter its size
  • To live for the honor and glory of gummy bears
  • To always keep a hidden stash of chocolates
  • To respect the power of sour treats
  • To never refuse another bag of jellybeans

We hereby dub thee as the most honorable Sir and Dame of Dover, NH.

Do you have the bravery to join our royal Candihood? Journey to our candy store and complete your quest for candy domination today.